This PWM/Firing pulse controller is designed based on Dspic30f4011 controller chip from “MICROCHIP” company and this controller can be used to generate PWM Signals for SCR, IGBT based power electronics application like DC-AC Inverter ,DC-DC Chopper & SCR converter based AC/DC/BLDC Switched Reluctance Motor (SRM) control application. PWM output of this controller can be directly interfaced with Power Module through External cable connection.


  • Includes High-Performance Microchip dsPIC30F4011 Microcontroller with 48kb Internal Flash Program Memory
  • 6 Numbers of PWM Outputs up to 15KHZ of switching frequency
  • Internal EEPROM &Five 16-bit Timers
  • Power, Programming and Test LED’s
  • 2MB PROM & 24 Mhz clock speed
  • QEP Sensor /Hall sensor/Speed sensor(Proximity)Interface connector on front panel
  • PWM increment & decrement key &Reset switch is provided
  • 20 X 4 LCD screen &PWM outputs are terminated by Front panel Connector
  • 230VA INPUT with Power ON/OFF switch

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