The DM6437 EVM is a PCI based or standalone development platform that enables users to evaluate and develop applications for the TI DaVinci processor family. Schematics, list of materials, and application notes are available to ease hardware development and reduce time to market. The EVM comes with a full complement of on board devices that suit a wide variety of application environments.


Texas Instruments TMS320DM6437 DSP operating up to 600 MHz
1 TVP5146M2 Video Decoder
4 video DAC outputs
128 Mbytes of DDR2 DRAM
UART and CAN I/O interfaces
16 Mbytes of Flash memory, 64 Mbytes NAND Flash, 2 Mbytes SDRAM
AIC33 stereo codec
I2C interface with onboard eeprom and expanders
10/100 Ethernet Interface
Embedded JTAG Emulation
Expansion connectors for Daughter Card use
VLYNQ Interface
Single voltage power supply (+5V)
Expansion connectors for daughter card use
ATA Interface
SPDIF Interface, analog, and optical
RoHS Compliant

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