LCDK is an easy-to-use development tool for beginners and experienced users alike for creating low power and low cost solutions for biometric, analytics, audio and communication based applications. The LCDK offers everything you need to get started with your projects. L138/C6748 development kit is part of single core DSP value line series. The kit includes either a TMS320C6748 DSP or an OMAPL138 application processor with 456 MHz C674x Fixed/Floating point core. It has
On-chip RTC
DDR2 running at 150 MHz,NAND FLASH and SD/MMC Slot,
USB Serial Port, Fast Ethernet Port, B Host port (USB 1.1), USB OTG port (USB 2.0), SATA Port ,
VGA port, LCD Port (Beagleboard XM connectors),
Three AUDIO Ports, Composite IN (RCA Jack)
Leopard Imaging Camera Sensor Input

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