This Power System transmission line trainer module is designed to study the transmission line parameters, performance and protections with R and motor load. This Electrical Power Transmission Line Training System Consists Of 

  • Generating Station Module
  • Artificial Transmission line model (400 Km)
  • Receiving Station Module
  • Fixed VAR Compensation Module
  • Measurement and Protection Section Module
  • RL Load
  • Specifications :
  • 3 Phase / 1 KVA / alternator coupled with suitable AC motor with necessary drive (for Prime mover) is provided as transmission line input.
  • Artificial Transmission line- 3Phase
  • Fixed VAR Compensation Module consists of shunt capacitors for voltage control and shunt reactor for Ferranti effect compensation
  • Digital AC Voltmeter is provided for sending end voltage (Vs) & Receiving end voltage (Vr) measurements
  • Digital AC ammeter is provided for sending end current (Is) &Receiving end current (Ir) measurements
  • One number of Digital Phase Angel meter is provided to measure,Phase angle between Vs & Is,Phase angle between Vs & Vr Phase angle between Vs & Ir,Load side Phase angle.
  • Over current & OV/UV Relay is provided as protection of receiving end or Load
  • One number of Fixed RL /Motor load is provided-2A Capacity

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