This dc distribution system Trainer is designed to study the various type of dc distribution network system like

  1. distribution system fed at one end
  2. distribution system fed at both end
  3. distribution system fed at centre
  4. Ring Main distribution system

It consists of

  • Two number of  Variable dc source ( act as DC Generator source) – is provided for 2 wire or 3 wire – ±12V system simulation
  • Provision to connect loads at variable line locations.
  • Different types of Load resistor is provided with load selector switch
  • Variable Line resistance is provided and selector switch is provided to select line resistance value
  • Measurement of voltage and current at any point on the line segments
  • Two numbers of Digital Voltmeter is provided
  • 10 numbers of digital dc ammeter is provided to measure line current
  • All are mounted on a nice cabinet with sticker front panel
  • 230V AC input with Power ON/OFF Switch

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