This set up is designed to study the Directional Over current Protection of  Alternators using digital single phase directional over current relay. This set up consists of

  1. Digital directional over current relay with panel & (2). Alternator set up set up


Type                            Digital Relay ( Microcontroller Based)

Function                     Single element Directional Over current  Relay

CT Input                     1A

PT                               110V

Current Setting          0-2A

Time Setting              0-50s (DMT)

Function                     DMT

Output                        NC&NO Contact@2A

Auxiliary supply        230VAC

Make                          PLI

  • One number of  1Ø Alternator /230VAC Coupled with 3 phase induction motor/2 hp/1500 RPM/415VAC as prime mover
  • 0-300VDC Variable dc source is provided through autotransformer & diode rectifier , Filter circuit for alternator field excitation
  • One number of VFD is provided for prime mover AC  motor speed control
  • One number of digital AC Ammeter (0-5A) /3.5 digit / LCD type is provided to measure the current input in amp
  • One number of digital AC Voltmeter (0-300VAC) /3.5 digit / LCD type is provided to measure the Voltage
  • One number of synchroscope is provided for alternator synchronizing with Grid purpose
  • LCD speed indicator is provided  for alternator speed indication
  • All are mounted on a nice cabinet with diagram stickered on front panel.&230VAC@50Hz AC Input with power ON/OFF Switch
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  1. Study & Testing of Reverse Current (Using Directional Over current Relay) protection of alternator
  2. Study & Testing of Over Current (Using Non-Directional Over current Relay) protection of alternator

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