This set up is designed to study the working principle and IDMT characteristics of Earth Fault relay (electromechanical type). This set up consists of

  1. Electromechanical Type –Earth Fault Relay –IDMT Type
  2. Earth Fault simulator set up (Motor set up)
  • One number of Electromechanical Type –Earth Fault Relay –IDMT Type /2A Make ALSTOM
  • One number of  3 phase  induction motor/0.5hp/1440rpm is provided For short circuit /earth fault  creation
  • One number of short circuit resistor is provided to limit short circuit /Earth current
  • Digital AC Ammeter (0-20A)is  provided to measure the earth current  in amp
  • One number of Automatic trip time measurement circuit (ATTM Circuit) is provided
  • One number LCD – Digital stop Clock is provided in ATTM Circuit to measure relay trip time in ms
  • All are mounted on a nice cabinet with diagram stickered on front &230VAC@50Hz
  • AC Input with power ON/OFF Switch
  1. Testing of Earth fault relay under Real time E/F simulation with different current setting

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