This set up is designed to study the working principle and IDMT characteristics of Single phase Under Voltage Relay (Electromechanical type). This set up consists of

  1. Electromechanical type Under Voltage Relay –IDMT
  2. Relay test kit with meter (Voltage injector kit)
  • One number EM type Under Voltage Realy- IDMT type -Make ALSTOM
  • One number of variable AC voltage Source of 0-110VAC
  • One number of digital AC Voltmeter (0-300V) is provided to measure the Voltage output
  • One number of Automatic trip time measurement circuit (ATTM Circuit) is provided for Relay trip time measurement
  • One number Digital stop Clock is provided in ATTM Circuit to measure relay trip time
  •  All are mounted on a nice cabinet with diagram stickered front panel.
  • 230VAC@50Hz AC Input with power ON/OFF Switch
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  1. Testing of Under voltage Relay with Different Plug setting & Time setting Multiplier & to draw IDMT Characteristics

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