This set up is designed to study the 3 winding transformer and its Equivalent circuit by using experimental methods. This set up consist of

  • One number of  3 winding transformer with following specification
    • Capacity 1 KVA
    • Primary 0-230VAC
    • Secondary-1 0-110VAC
    • Secondary-2 0-64VAC
  • One number of  Single phase Auto transformer @ 2 KVA capacity is provided
  • One number of digital AC Ammeter ( 0-5A)is provided to measure transformer current
  • One number of digital AC Voltmeter ( 0-300VAC)is provided to measure transformer voltage
  • One number of digital Power meter (MFM) (0-5A)is provided to measure transformer power
  • All are mounted on nice cabinet with sticker front panel
  • All transformer primary & secondary terminal and meter input terminals are brought out front panel
  • 230vac input with MCB ON/OFF Control
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