This set up is designed to study the measurement procedure of Sequence impedence (Positive, negative, Zero), and Practical measurement & theoretical calculation of fault current by simulating various types of faults (LG,LLG,LLLG etc)under low field voltage, This set up consists of


(1).Alternator with prime mover set up & (2).Control Panel with Fault simulation facility


 Alternator Set Up

2 HP/3 phase Induction motor coupled with 1KVA / 3 phase / 1500rpm / Salient pole (or Cylidrical) Rotor type / Rotating Field Alternator. With all three phase terminals are brought out and terminated out side for impedance measurement experiments.

Control Panel with Fault simulation facility
  • Variable frequency drive (VFD) is provided for Induction motor speed control
  • One number of potentiometer is provided for speed adjustment
  • One number of variable DC Voltage source of 0-200vdc @2A is provided for Alternator field excitation
  • Autotransformer is provided for field DC Voltage adjustment
  • Digital DC Ammeter & Voltmeter is provided for Alternator field parameter measurements
  • Digital AC Ammeter & Voltmeter is provided for Alternator stator parameter measurements
  • Digital Speed indicator is provided for alternator speed measurement
  • Fault simulating with Short circuit Current limiting resistor is provided for fault creation
  • All are mounted on a nice cabinet with stickered front panel
  • 230VAC input with ON/OFF switch
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