This set up is designed to study the working principle and IDMT characteristics of Frequency relay  (Static type). This set up consists of

  1. Static Frequency Relay –IDMT Type & (2).Variable frequency AC Source with test set up
Frequency Relay

Type               Static (Microcontroller based)

PT Input        110VAC

Setting            20-60 HZ

Function         IDMT

Features         Over frequency & Under frequency protection

Make              POWER LAB

  • 20X4 LCD indicator for set & actual frequency indication and trip status indication
  • In built stop clock for trip time indication
  • 4 numbers of Touch Keys for parameter setting & selection
  • Banana connectors for PT input
  • DMT / IDMT Characteristics selection
  • One number of “NC” & “NO” Contact @ 230VAC ,5A rating
Frequency Relay test kit

This relay test set up is designed to test the Frequency relay with IDMT characteristics. It consists of

  • One number of variable AC Frequency Source of 10-100HZ with 100vac
  • One number of Potentiometer is provided to adjust the Frequency output continuously
  • One number of digital Frequency meter /3.5 digit / MECO Make is provided to measure the Frequency Input
  • One number of Automatic trip time measurement circuit (ATTM Circuit) is provided
  • All are mounted on a nice cabinet with diagram stickered on front panel.&230VAC@50Hz AC Input with power ON/OFF Switch
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