This set up is designed to study the working principle of static type Negative sequence Current Relay. This set up consists of

  1. Static NSC Relay ( or ) Microcontroller based Negative sequence Current relay-any one
  2. Test set up with Automatic Trip time  Measurement (ATM) unit\
  • Static type Negative sequence Relay-1A (ALSTOM Make)
  • One number of Three phase Autotransformer is provided to adjust the voltage output individually
  • Facility to change the RYB reversal
  • One number of three phase Lamp load with unbalance load selection facility
  • One number of digital AC Ammter (0-300V) is provided to measure the Voltage output
  • One number of Automatic trip time measurement circuit (ATTM Circuit) is provided
  • One number Digital stop Clock is provided in ATTM Circuit to measure relay trip time
  •  All are mounted on a nice cabinet with diagram stickered front panel.
  • 230VAC@50Hz AC Input with power ON/OFF Switch
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  1. Testing of Negative sequence Relay Under Unbalance load /Supply & Phase Reversal

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