This set up is designed to study the measurement procedure of Sequence impedence (Positive, negative, Zero), and Practical measurement & theoretical calculation of fault current by simulating various types of faults under low field voltage and measurement of Power angle of an alternator,This set up consists of

(1).3Ø Alternator with prime mover set up & (2).Control Panel with Fault simulation switches

Alternator Set Up

2 HP/3 phase Induction motor  coupled with 1KVA / 3 phase / 1500rpm / Salient pole  Rotor type / Rotating Field Alternator With all three phase terminals are brought out and terminated outside for impedance measurement experiments.

Control Panel

This control panel consists of

  • One number of 2 HP (1.5KW) Variable frequency drive (VFD) is provided for Induction motor (Prime mover) speed control
  • One number of potentiometer is provided for speed adjustment
  • One number of variable DC Voltage source of 0-200vdc @2A is provided for Alternator field excitation
  • Autotransformer with diode Rectifier is provided for field DC Voltage adjustment
  • Digital DC Ammeter & Voltmeter is provided for Alternator field parameter measurements
  • Digital AC Ammeter & Voltmeter is provided for Alternator stator parameter measurements
  • Digital Speed indicator is provided for alternator speed measurement
  • Fault simulating facility with Short circuit Current limiting resistor is provided for fault creation
  • All are mounted on a nice cabinet with stickered front panel & 230VAC input with ON/OFF switch
 Power Angle Characteristic

We will Provide the following facility/Features with our trainer to perform the Power Angle  Characteristics of Alternator with infinite  Bus bar

  • One number of synchronizing panel with synchroscope, Dual Voltmeter , MCB & Indicators etc
  • Digital LCD display for Power angle measurement

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