This unit is designed to test the di-electric strength of  transformer oil ( oil break down test). This set up consists of


Type                Transformer oil test kit

Capacity         60KVA Center tap earthed.

Mode              Automatic (Motorized) type & Manual type Both

Input               230VAC

Make              Power Lab / Others    

  • The standard oil cup provided with the set is as per IS 6792 i.e. High Impact Methyle Mathacrylate (Acrylic) test cup along with removable Mushroom Head Electrodes, GO & NO GO gauge to adjust Electrode gap.
  • The H.V. Transformer used in the set is a Resin Encapsulated HT Transformer. The Transformer is so designed that the short circuit current of the secondary is more than 20mA at all output voltage above 15KV.
  • The stepless voltage regulator is of toroidal autotransformer ensuring maximum efficiency and harmonic free output voltage.
  • The set is enclosed in a easy to handle fine industrial finish rugged MS box.
  • Clear Plastic Lid through which the oil is observed while testing.
  • Panel Lamps are provided to indicate various conditions i.e. “MAINS ON” “H.T. ON”.
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