Every circuit needs a power supply, but simple, low cost, portable, and reliable power sources can be hard to come by. The PowerBRICK family provides the solution to all of those requirements. There are four options to choose from: 12V, 9V, 5V, or 3.3V. PowerBRICKS are designed to easily plug directly onto your breadboard for simple, low profile integration. Powered by 5V from a standard USB, each PowerBRICK can provide up to 1.1W of power. PowerBRICKS can also be daisy-chained to provide more than one +/- Vout pair, but total power output for the entire chain should not exceed 2.2W.

Available in four output voltages:

12V (±100mA)
9V (±130mA)
5V (±200mA)
3.3V (±320mA)
Now available in a bundle including each of the four output voltages

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