Product Description

The Analog Discovery Studio is a fully functional, portable test and measurement device that can turn any cross-functional space into a pop-up electronics laboratory. Equipped with 13 instruments, including an Oscilloscope, Logic Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, Waveform Generator, and more; the Analog Discovery Studio provides an entire stack of bench-top instruments with a convenient, replaceable, and breadboardable interface, perfect for enabling student learning anywhere!


Analog Inputs:

Used in the Oscilloscope, Network Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, Voltmeter, Impedance Analyzer, and Data Logger
Two analog input channels, accessible through BNC or MTE connectors
Channel type: differential (with MTE) or single-ended (with BNC)
Analog bandwidth with BNC cables: 30+ MHz @ 3dB
Analog bandwidth with MTE flywires: 9 MHz @ 3dB
Input range ±25 V (±50 V diff)
Input protected to ±50 V
14-bit resolution
Operate at 100 MS/s

Analog Outputs:

Used in the Waveform Generator and Network Analyzer
Two arbitrary waveform generator channels, accessible through BNC or MTE connectors
AC amplitude (max): ±5 V
Analog bandwidth (BNC or MTE connectors: 8 MHz @ 3dB)
Operate at 100 MS/s

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