This controller is designed  based on  TMS320FC2812 based controller   from “TI”  for Motor control applications and  this controller can be used  to generate  PWM Signals for SCR, IGBT based power electronics application like DC-AC Inverter ,DC-DC Chopper & SCR  converter based AC/DC/BLDC Switched Reluctance Motor (SRM) control application. PWM output of this controller can be interfaced with IGBT Power Module through External cable connection

  • 12 Numbers of PWM Outputs up to 20KHZ of switching frequency
  • 32 bit fixed point high speed processor
  • 150 MHZ Clock frequency
  • Built in 128 K X16 Flash & 256 X16K SRAM , 4 X 16K BOOT ROM
  • USB – PGM Down loader
  • 12 Bit / 6 Channel ADC input
  • QEP Sensor /Hall sensor/Speed sensor(Proximity)Interface
  • PWM increment & decrement key
  • Reset switch & LED’s for Sensor status
  • 20 X 4 LCD Connector
  • PWM outputs are terminated by 34 pin FRC Connector

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