This PWM controller is designed based on Dspic30f4011 controller chip specially designed for Power Electronics & Motor control applications from “MICROCHIP” company  and  this controller can be used  to generate  PWM Signals for SCR, IGBT based power electronics application like DC-AC Inverter ,DC-DC Chopper & SCR  converter based AC/DC/BLDC Switched Reluctance Motor (SRM) control application. PWM output of this controller can be directly interfaced with Power Module through External cable connection.

  • Includes High-Performance Microchip dsPIC30F4011 Microcontroller with 48kb Internal Flash Program Memory
  • 6 Numbers of PWM Outputs up to 15KHZ of switching frequency
  • RS232 Connection with MAX232
  • Internal EEPROM & Five 16-bit Timers & Power, Programming and Test LED’s
  • 2MB PROM & 24 Mhz clock speed
  • USB – PGM Down loader
  • 6 Numbers of ADC input&QEP Sensor /Hall sensor/Speed sensor(Proximity)Interface
  • PWM increment & decrement key
  • Reset switch & LED’s for Sensor status & 20 X 4 LCD screen
  • PWM outputs are terminated by 34 pin FRC Connector

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