This power module is designed by using SEMIKRON –IGBT for AC/DC/BLDC Motor control / Cascaded type Multilevel inverter application. This power module can be used for AC, DC,  application by proper external PWM controller interfacing (like Dspic , FPGA & DSP). This Module consists of


Power Circuit

Input                                       :           3 PHASE 0- 415VAC , 50 HZ (or) 0-600VDC

Output                                    :           1 Ø /3Ø, 415V ,  ( OR) 0 +/-  580VDC

Capacity                                 :           3KW or 5 KW

  • Three Number of IGBT-IGBT Power Module  Rating @ 1200V , 160A based three phase Voltage source inverter Power circuit
  • One number of 3Ø diode rectifier ( 1200V @ 150A ) is provided to converter input AC voltage to DC Bus voltage with discharge resistor
  • DC Capacitor is provided ( centre point type) at diode rectifier output side for Filter
  • Analogue DC Voltmeter  ( 0-600VDC) is provided to measure DC Bus voltage
  • Six Number of PWM Isolator IC (6N137) is used to isolate All the six PWM signals input
  • One number of +15V@1amp fixed dc power supply is provided for PWM Isolator input side for power excitation
  • One number of +5V@1amp fixed dc power supply is provided for PWM Isolator Output side power excitation
  • IGBT Gate Driver is provided for IGBT Gate signal amplification
  • One number of automatic trip circuit is provided for O/C protection

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