This power module is designed by using IGBT  for Switched Reluctance Motor (SR)control application. This power module can be used for SR Motor application by proper external PWM controller interfacing (like Dspic , FPGA & DSP). This Module consists of

  • 4 Number of IGBT Rating @ 1200V , 50A forms SPLIT DC  Power circuit for SR Motor
  • IGBT Power circuit  input and outputs are  terminated by suitable rating banana connectors in front panel with necessary indication
  • One number of diode rectifier ( 600V @ 35A ) is provided to converter input AC voltage to DC Bus voltage
  • Analogue DC Voltmeter is provided to measure DC Bus voltage
  • 4 Number of PWM Isolator IC (6N137) is used to isolate All the PWM signals input
  • Built in IGBT Gate Driver is provided for IGBT Gate signal amplification.
  • 4 numbers of Hall effect current sensor @ 25A is provided for SR Motor output Current measurement
  • 1 numbers of Hall effect current sensor @ 25A is provided for Input DC bus Current measurement
  • Op-Amp based Signal conditioner circuits are provided in all sensors for output current signals amplifications
  • One number of automatic trip circuit is provided for O/C protection
Power Circuit

Input : 0-230VAC , 50 HZ (or) 0-300VDC, Output : Suitable for 1 KW SR Motor

Number of PWM Input            :           4 @ Maximum PWM Frequency:15KHZ

PWM Level                                :           0-5V (TTL)

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